Tuesday, January 19, 2010

From "Strange Days Edition"

Morning Roundup: Strange Days Edition

It's about time the GOP showed that the Democrats don't have a monopoly on womanizing alcoholic plutocrats.

Vote Quimby.

[The Post has become a shell of its former self.] Quit knocking the Post! What other paper is going to deliver 90% of its pages full of ads for cars and suburban real estate, two things that this region desperately needs more of? Somebody has to live in Prince William County! And just because they're illiterate is no excuse. There's still plenty to look at, like those delightful Mark Trail cartoons and those wonderful photographs of Obama looking thoughtful.

[Overwhelmed DC Service Centers] Isn't it about time Fenty appointed a Human Services "czar" to handle these perennial public aid problems? Someone who knows the plight of the destitute firsthand? Someone with a history of delivering the kind of "customer service" that DC residents have come to expect from their government? There can be only one candidate that meets these criteria, and he's right under our noses.

I believe a cabinet level designation of "Incontinent Hobo-in-Chief" is merited here. Along with a diaper or whatever equivalent DC's conflict-of-interest laws dictate. I suggest Marion Barry's desk drawer.

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