Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From "Important Speeches Edition"

Morning Roundup: Important Speeches Edition

There isn't too much more information about the [fatal Metro] incident, although Jim Graham is quoted as saying the accident "was a direct result of human error."
It's just absolutely horrific that all of these humans are now branded in this way having been tainted and painted with the same brush. Jim Graham's statement is callous, lacks specificity and, if true, demonstrates a failure on your part to act with all deliberate speed to protect the interests of our passengers. I urge you to immediately rescind this global indictment of humans and to issue a full public apology.

Which are you more excited for, the State of the Union or the Apple Tablet?
If the Jesus Tablet is anything like Apple's first releases, it'll be expensive (anybody remember paying $2,500 for a Mac Plus?), underpowered (Newton 100?), and crash-a-riffic (Mac OS 8?). I'll hold off until at least Jesus iTablet 2.0 with WiFi teledildonics and the moaning iVulva on the back. My "stylus" is getting a "Bluetooth stack" just thinking about it.

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